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Company Liquidation and Trade Licenses Cancellation in Dubai

Liquidating or dissolving your company in Dubai can be a difficult task especially if you are not completely familiar with the legal laws. With our expert services, we provide you with an easy exit strategy so that you can legally dissolve your company. We help you dissolve your company in the non-free zone in the UAE mainland by simplifying the process of deregistration. We also help negotiate terms with the government, your local nominee, and assist you in getting the deregistering certificates from local government agencies.

Since company liquidation requires an understanding of the corporate law, it is important that you have an expert handling the legal affairs and adheres to formal procedures. We have years of experience in handling company liquidations in the non-free zones across the UAE and offer hassle-free liquidation of our client’s company.

Analyze Involvement Score & Risks

During the liquidation process, we will advise you on various legal issues, liquidation costs, distribution of assets, and time and risks of liquidating the company. We will act as your facilitator and act as a liaison between you and the legal authorities to find a mutually agreed-upon exit strategy.

Manage Liquidation Strategy

We will also create a risk-free liquidation strategy so that you can initiate the liquidation process. The liquidation process includes documentation, account liquidation, debt recovery, and creditor’s payments. So that all your company issues are settled before applying for deregistration.

Liquidation & Deregistration

Finally, our experts will help you prepare the termination contract and make a final settlement of payments. We will also prepare the announcements for the public so that you can focus on the liquidation process. And, if the company is publicly listed, all creditors' payments are cleared before the final dissolution of the company.

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