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Family Residence Visa Services & Partner Visa

EvaSpire offers a wide range of visa services for individuals and corporates trying to apply for Visa services in Dubai. Our experienced staff takes care of the Visa application process allowing the expats a smooth entry process. We offer the services of:

  • Employment visas
  • Partner visas
  • Family visas

Get Visa Approved for Dubai

If you wish to enter Dubai, you need a valid work permit and a work visa. The job permit will be offered by the company that requires your service, but even after obtaining your work permit, you have to go through the process of getting a visa permit before you can legally enter Dubai.

A few things you need to have in handy while applying for a job Visa in Dubai are:

  • The original copy of your contract letter.
  • Your passport with a validity of at least six months
  • Your test results for HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, Dengue, and other similar infections. These will be indicated in your medical report and you need them before applying for the job visa.
  • Attested copies of your NIC or other similar documents from the embassy of UAE in your home country.

Once you have these things ready, our experts can take care of all the visa proceedings and provide you with a job visa in a few days. Since the job visa is a multi-entry visa, you can use it for two months with unlimited entries to the UAE.

Get Investor Visa for Dubai

We also assist in getting an investor visa for our clients. The investor visa does not need approval from the Ministry of Labour and can be obtained by launching a company in the UAE. The investor visa is usually valid for three years.

Get Family Visa for Dubai

We also offer the service of a family visa for anyone who would like to sponsor his family for residence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other UAE free zones.

To apply for family Visa in Dubai, one has to have:

  • A salary of at least 4,000 AED per month if the company offers accommodation or 6,000 AED per month if the company doesn’t offer the accommodation

EvaSpire can help anyone who seeks a family visa for their immediate family. We can assist you in obtaining a family visa for one, two, or three years through our contacts with higher-ups in the UAE government.

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