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Get a Corporate Local Sponsor for Business in Dubai

Operating a business in Dubai requires one to have a local sponsor (UAE National). A local sponsor can be anyone who can guarantee that the business is legit. It can be a local agent or a local shareholder (sleeping partner). But if you are new to Dubai, finding a local sponsor for your business is difficult. People are reluctant to even listen to you and that’s why services like EvaSpire come in handy. We help businesses find genuine local sponsors who can either serve as their local agent or as an investor depending on their deal. Here is a list of services that we offer for local sponsorship in Dubai Mainland.

Get Nominee Partner (Sleeping Partner) 

The UAE Companies Law and the UAE Civil Law state that to start a business in the mainland in UAE, i.e. a non-offshore and non-free zone, one has to give 51% equity to the UAE national, a person that will be acting as the nominee partner or the sleeping partner. However, the foreign businessman and the local equity holder can work on a mutually agreed profit-sharing agreement.

Get Local Service Agent in Dubai

We also help you get local service agents. These agents will act as your mediators in dealing with legal matters such as registering your company, helping with the licenses, and helping you find a local partner. Don’t worry, these agents won’t get a share from your firm’s operations. However, you will have to pay them a lump sum fees for the whole year.

Corporate Nominee Sponsorship

We also offer the service of corporate nominee sponsorship that all limited liability companies across the UAE can get. Through this service, if you don’t want a local Emirati, we can offer a corporate company to become the 51% equity partner. This will help you keep complete control over your firm and save it from undue financial risks.

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