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Register Trademark License for Your Business

Original works like art collections, books, music, painting, and sculptures require copyright protection. Just like other countries, if your business is in UAE and you want to get a trademark for your business properties such as your business logo, company designs, and product maps, protection is available. The copyright law in UAE will protect your creativity, time, and effort, and allow you to reap the profits of your creation. After filing a copyright for your products, you will get exclusive rights to:

  • Reproducing your work
  • Preparing copies for commercial use such as sale, lease, and transfer
  • Make a public display for your products
  • Alter or revise your product as per your will
  • Others will not be allowed to copy, alter, or display your products without your permission 

After registering copyright in Dubai, your products will be protected from all sorts of copyright issues in the UAE. You can further extend this service by filing for a universal copyright. However, filing copyright requires technical knowledge and most expat businessmen lack this knowledge. That’s where agencies like EvaSpire come in handy. Our experts can help you fill the trademark and copyright license easily without worrying about legal issues that can arise during the process.

Documents You Need for Copyright Registration in UAE

  • Certificate of origin including the name of the author, creator, or person responsible for the copyright.
  • Authorization of the owner of the product for circulating the material in a specific region or territory.
  • A certificate detailing all the royalties have been collected for the product. This may not be needed if you are the creator of the product
  • A certificate indicating that the product has made no violations of restrictions on folklore. This will be issued by the Department of Culture at the Ministry of Information & Culture.

The copyright duration includes a lifetime + 50 more years after the death of the copyright filer. Or, in the case of published material, the lifetime will include 50 years from the date of publication. 

Copyright ensures that your work remains legally protected and that no one else can replicate, copy, or alter your work with modification without getting your prior permission. Since filing for copyright is an arduous task, EvaSpire helps make it easy so that your assets remain protected. We also help resolve legal disputes and counsel you in areas where you would require legal advice and the help of a lawyer. Our professional corporate lawyers are experts in their field and always ready to help you with copyright registration services or trademark registration services in UAE. Get connected with our consultants to get your copyright process done.

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